Singer Cardi B Gets Attacked By Cheetah

Singer Cardi B Gets Attacked By Cheetah

Singer Cardi B Gets Attacked By Cheetah

Singer Cardi B Gets Attacked By Cheetah: Artist Cardi B, whose Bodak Yellow music video is a hit, had a startling minute as she was almost battered by a cheetah while shooting it. The video’s chief Picture Perfect has made the disclosure in a meeting, reports

Bodak Yellow was shot in Dubai. “We really got this cheetah from a Sultan out there. I didn’t know how hard it was going to be to get a cheetah out there. We shot this scene (which) we didn’t utilize, and he assaulted Cardi in that scene,” Picture Perfect said.

In the crude film, the rapper can be seen standing a couple of feet from the cheetah, holding him on a rope and rapping her verse. At that point, the creature turns its head and murmurs at her. “No, come hold him,” Cardi B is seen advising the team as she gives off an impression of being terrified.

All things considered, Cardi B and the chief figured out how to film a cheetah scene for the finished product. “We recovered her spirits up… also, this cheetah ideal here isn’t the other cheetah from the other scene,” Picture Perfect said. “This cheetah ideal here he’s eaten around six pounds of deer meat as of now, and he’s simply quiet,” he said.

Check out the music video below:

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