Vladimir Putin Admits He Still Does Not Have A Smartphone

Vladimir Putin Admits He Still Does Not Have A Smartphone

Vladimir Putin Admits He Still Does Not Have A Smartphone.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that despite everything he doesn’t have a cell phone, in the wake of uncovering a year ago that he has no enthusiasm for joining any online networking systems.

At a gathering with researchers and scholastics, Putin made the affirmation in light of a discourse by Mikhail Kovalchuk, leader of the Kurchatov atomic research establishment, while going in Siberia in front of March 18 surveys in which he is looking for a fourth term in the Kremlin.

“You said that everybody has cell phones. Be that as it may, I don’t have a cell phone,” Putin stated, to chuckling in the group of onlookers. He reacted to a remark from Kovalchuk that “everybody has a cell phone in their pocket.”

The 65-year-old granddad has already admitted to mechanical cluelessness – saying in 2005 that he didn’t have a cell phone by any stretch of the imagination – and voiced feelings of trepidation over substance accessible on the web.

A year ago while meeting schoolchildren, Putin disclosed to them he scarcely utilizes the web, in the wake of being inquired as to whether he took a gander at Instagram or other interpersonal organizations in his extra minutes.

“I for one basically don’t utilize this,” Putin said of the web, including that individuals from his staff do get on the web.

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